As well known, the function of daily business life consists of tools such as contracts, guarantees, securities, etc. Although it is most preferred by the actors of business life to express their commitments and obligations directly, this is not always possible. This fact inevitably leads to the need to apply the principles of recovery and insolvency law. At the same time, it is necessary, besides complex regulations and peremptorical deadlines, to bring about the timing, the right decision-making power and the appeal to legal authorities.The law firm Öktener & Öktener offers you the best services in this area with a profound data base and a prestigious reputation. The professional lawyers and employees of the Department of Insolvency and Trademark Law of the law firm Öktener & Öktener are quickly, efficiently and serious on debt follow-ups of banks, credit institutions, natural and legal identities. Our attorney's office is aware that all our clients' files are very important from their point of view no matter who client is.From the transfer of the files of our clients to our law firm, a large-scale investigation of the debtor regarding to addresses, telephone numbers, vehicles, real estate and claims and debts is started against third parties. According to the results of these investigations, the most efficient method is determined for the collection of the claim and the resolution for the arrest is taken for all possible incidents. After that, we will start a very rapid process of recovery with the large team of this department, and through the application of the decision on arrest, an efficient way of collecting the claim will be determined. During all these phases our client is informed about every detail by keeping constant and efficient contact. That’s why, all the lawyers in our debt recovery and insolvency department specialised in their own separate fields. These fields are;Real estate, mortgages, recoveries, sales preparations and tenders,Vehicles, pledge, attachments, arrests, sales preparations and tenders,Movable goods, sales preparations for attachment and plege, and tender processes,Removal of objection of the objected claimsLawsuits for cancellation of objection,And insolvency processing in the event of insolvency,Our attorneys are assigned separately according to the status of the file. The attorneys, who are commissioned by their specialty, follow their cases from beginning to end with great care until the conclusion of the case.The status of the files are reported to the client with the periods of 15 days by the responsible lawyer. The law firm Öktener & Öktener, headquartered in Istanbul, carries out your action of debt throughout Turkey by its lawyers commissioned locally in Ankara-Izmir-Adana-Antalya-Trabzon  in a fast, efficient and serious manner. Our attorney's office is aware that the success for the recovery of claims depends on the right timing, the right decision, the prompt action and the continuous observation.Wtih the expanding client portfolio, our law firm is succesfully carrying out debt follow-ups of various major companies about their receivables from dealers or individuals. Our firm also conducts the debt follow-up of a  prominent public bank of Turkey about credit and credit card receivables.
Our firm carries out the litigations of contented divorce, property sharing, guardianship, custody, alimony and child support charges and adjustments, and represents their clients in these cases. Also, we provide cosultancy service in preparing protocols in uncontested divorces, organising pre-marriage agreements and property regime contracts.
We work for your interests in all disputes concerned with the inheritance law. And we also  settle the inheritances or other disputes in corporate law, inheritance law and other aspects, in order to collect your rights and demands of all kinds.
Our work on the scope of labor law includes, accordingly to our activities in the past, both the rights of employers and employees. Employers and employees workplace agreements, trade union rights and collective gatherings form the main themes. To this extent, we serve as an advisory and representative body in all relations between the employer and the employee for drafting regulations, solving and resolving problems at courts, compensation commissions, trade unions.
Our law firm provides service in,The issuance of building contracts (flat for land basis),The termination of flat for land construction contracts,Land register cancelation and registrations in the scope of flat for land construction contracts,Claims and indemnities in the scope of flat for land construction contracts,All lawsuits resulting from the violation of property rights at European Court of Human Rights,with many years of professional experience and continuous effort. With our team, we provide all services, including engineering and architectural services for the valuation, rental, sale or construction of your real estat
Within the scope of criminal code and criminal procedures law, as the law firm Öktener & Öktener, We serve in commercial, administrative, tax, criminal, IT, banking, factoring and financial leasing, with our team which has necessary experience and knowledge to protect the rights of our clients down to the last detail, especially the right to a fair trial.
Our law firm offers its clients solutions for all kinds of problems in every area of computer systems and technologies in compliance to the needs of changing and developing technological life. In this context, we provide our services  especially in areas such as issuance of electronic contracts, legal aid for offenses in the context of computer science, disputes concerning copyrights regarding computer programs and Internet.
From the perspective of our country, the intellectual property dates back to by-law of 1857, in which the press concessions were abolished. Today, it has developed into a judicial discipline, which requires technical expertise with its subbranches. This law branch took its place next to trademarks, patents, industrial designs, useful models and copyrights, has been organised both nationally and internationally in many variations. Through the trademark and patent prosecutors of the law firm Öktener & Öktener, applications, complaints and observation of the clients before public authorities are both processed and consultancy services are offered. In this context, we are available to you for trademark and patent applications, trademark and patent observations, trademark and patent cases, legal actions due to infringement of intellectual property and artifacts, and infringements of intellectual property products.
We accept the fact that we live in a world where the borders have been shortened as a result of relations created by international law. In this regard, we give consultancy and guidance for:The process by which foreigners are granted Turkish citizenship under the legislation of the Turkish Republic,The rights and obligations of our fellow citizens living abroadAnd the labor rights of foreigners living in our country.
As our main area is legal consultancy, we offer our services in German, English and French as well. Since our clients' consultancy requirements are not just in the legal field, we can also cover all our clients' various needs in tax and financial matters. As well known, tax and the taxation express the values which are collected by state, under a variety of conditions and different reasons based on its sovereignty. Therefore, judicial control of administrative acts which are related to tax law is absolutely necessary. Our law firm deals with the difficulties of our clients in the taxation process with great care and produces effective solutions through professional tax consultants. As stated above, our goal is to produce complete solutions to the problems of our clients and to protect their rights at the highest level.
In the fields of privatization and the purchase of companies which have great importance in the economy of our country, we conduct investigations in terms of legislation on marketing, legislation and tax law and ensure that your investments are optimally efficient.
The procurement law changes constantly in terms of legislation. Thus, the participation in tenders requires more and more preparations. We provide you with consultancy services for the preparation of tender files, the initiation of participated tender, bargain and negotiation process during the auction. On request, we will participate in tenders on your behalf and complete the tender process according to your instructions.
We offer our services to the extent of the regulation of your relations with banks and credit institutions, the safe extension or cancellation of the relations under all possible conditions.
With our many years of experience and with our successful team that we work constantly, we offer all kinds of consultancy services in terms of investment, finance, taxation engineering, arcitecture on valuating, renting, selling and all other kinds of potential initiatives on your movable and immovable properties.
Existence of the problems caused by relations of individuals in public sphere, and the possible effects of false practises of authorities on one’s socio-economical status, it must be accepted that administrative law is a separate area of expertise. The law firm Öktener & Öktener is also very successful in the area of administrative law.
The international, cultural, social and economic relations emerged in the global world created the need of regulation by law. This has resulted with an supra-national and specific legal field. Over time, countries have regulated their rights and laws with their binding applications, their own principles, and through bilateral agreements. The services provided by the law firm Öktener & Öktener in the field of international law are, as follows:International Transport Law,Applications of international treaties, according to time and place,Application of national and supra-national regulations,Determination of rights and obligations of individuals and companies before the law,Regulation of contracts according to these determinations,Litigations in European Court of Human Rights,Recognition and approval of foreign court orders and other matters.
As we‘re at a time when the power of the media is inarguable, and the political and economic advantages caused by posession of this power is well understood, legal regulations limits the usage of this power. Hence, sanctions are imposed by some restrictions on press offences and misleading advertising measures. Our law firm offers counsultancy services on legal actions for indemnity for press offenses, relations with professional associations regarding criminal offenses on visual media, observation of copyright and issuing advertising contracts.
With the privatization of health services, the health sector has developed into a complicated state. Our law firm offers counseling services for the protection of patients' rights and the execution of legal procedures for companies that have invested in the health sector. We assist our clients in monitoring lawsuits brought against our clients due to risks. Our law firm offers consultancy and legal services for the following topics:Administrative and criminal responsibility arised from medical malpractice,Administrative and criminal responsibilities of health care personnel due to medical interventions,Incomptabilities in administrative supervision of private health care facilities,Criminal prosecutions of health personnel, Hospital work and administration applications,Disputes between doctors and patients, particularly disputes caused by medical treatment agreements.
Our attorneys-at-law offer legal assistance and consultancy to their natural and legal identity clients, as "consumers". In this context, our services are,Informing clients on standard agreements,Drafting purchase and sales agreements,Following current legislations in Consumer Law, and providing related consultancy services, Establishment of branch and franchise relations,Resolution of disputes caused by defective goods and defective services,Evaluation of consumer demands and resolution of controversies,Taking legal actions in Cosumer and Commerce Courts and making follows,All kinds of legal consultancy and assistance
Insurance is based on the understanding of protecting our assets and our rights against unforseen and unexpected damage through insurance policies in the context of legislation. The law firm Öktener & Öktener consults its clients in this area both in the application of insurance agreements  as well as in the solution of such differences.